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Gemälde, abstrakte Kunst, Bernd lauer
Gemälde, abstrakte Kunst, Farbfeldmalerei, Bernd Lauer
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Internationally for the first time in 2021

On this and the following pages I show my art. This intuitive work is not tied to any rules. They show the complex world with its many colors and shapes. I created my work the way my soul wanted it to be. I think the idea of collecting art online is terrific. You buy the whole file with the jpeg file and further information, certificates and usage rights. You can then view your collection on the television on large picture changers, have mail printed or even exhibit, depending on the standard of the file, also have it auctioned on the large platforms such as open sea or rarible. Only advantages. For me too, because I can be sure that my work will be preserved. I also offer advice as a live chat.


Best regards

Bernd Lauer