Buy originals online

Collect abstract art online

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Buy the original art online with all rights. Have the picture printed, reproduced, sold, or exhibited. Start collecting now.

You buy directly from the artist.
1. The file with details about the pixels. It should always be 3000 x 5000 px so that you can then make larger prints or see clearly on the smart TV. It should include a certificate of authenticity, assignment of usage rights, and something about the artist like Vita, etc.
2. After receipt of payment, the package will be handed over as a password-protected folder as agreed
3. Another possibility to create the data described above once, not erasable and immediately verifiable for authenticity, so-called NFT blockchain files. This means that this art object can be traded worldwide. The artist Beeple had an NFT auctioned at Sotheby's this year, which raised 69,000,000,000 including fees. This option costs accordingly but can then also be played at the large auctions.
Enter the 21st century and collect art online. Better for sustainability, no more authenticity checks, fraud-proof. Playable on modern picture changers and / or smart TV. You can show your collection (NFT) to the whole world as ownership is clear.

For NFTs, make sure the correct file is selected, e.g. B. ECR 721 from Ethereum.