Gemälde, abstrakte kunst, Collage
Kunstausstellung abstrakt neu original 2021
action Painting Originale Kunst, NFTs
No yardstick

Bernd Lauer

Color field painting, also known as color field painting, is a form of expression of contemporary art that is characterized by large, homogeneously filled color fields. This art movement developed from Abstract Expressionism in America in the mid-1950s. Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman (who is afraid of red, yellow and blue) and Clyfford Still are important precursors or representatives of this style. The works are mostly large-format. The paint is often applied (emptied, poured, sprayed) directly to the unprimed canvas (lying horizontally on the floor) without the use of classic painting utensils and thus penetrates directly into the fabric (soaking stain technique) - comparable to dyeing a Material . Today the work has become more complex. The PC, photography and digital possibilities have been added. The artist Bernd Lauer shows a selection of his works here.