abstrakte Kunst, Farbfeldmalerei, Kunstgallerie abstrakte Kunst
bstrakte Kunst, ditale Kunst, Kunstgalerie abstrakte Kunst
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Real art prints signed. Various designs from the canvas to the high-quality master print from WhiteWall. Advice, send us a photo from the front of the wall where the picture should go and tell us your desired budget and the possible exhibits. Number under the picture with. Here the mail address.

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Abstract painting is a collective term for various currents of non-object-related painting styles of classical modernism. Abstract painting means arranging or composing with colors, contrasts, lines and geometric shapes without deliberately depicting objects or the gestural application of colors on canvas (action painting, Informel).

In abstract painting there was a break with one of the basic principles of historically developed occidental painting. Up until the beginning of the 20th century, the reference to actually existing objects was a universal and style-independent point of reference for artistic creation. Now a new era has dawned again, the computer age. There are unimagined possibilities to work creatively. The use of different media is possible, changeable and printable on canvas. This also opens up new paths in sales and presentation for artists.